“One of the most criminally underrated troubadours in town”

– Preston Jones, DFW.COM

“Whether fronting Bravo, Max! or going solo, local singer/songwriter Johnny Beauford has a lot to say and a very pretty way of saying it.”

– Darryl Smyers, DALLAS OBSERVER

“His voice shines on every single word, and he may well have you hanging on it, as he walks a fine line of being strong, yet restrained with his vocal delivery.”


“Johnny Beauford seems to be helping shift the Dallas music scene’s rep just a little on his own, proving that the city is not just big hair and expensive churches”


“Either performing solo or with his band, Bravo, Max!, this cat oozes pure soul.”

– Barry Binder, TREE FALL SOUNDS

“On their debut Dog’s Light LP, released earlier this year, Bravo, Max! showcased themselves as a band unafraid of instrumental experimentation and sensitive lyricism. That, however, all stems from the band’s biggest strength: frontman Johnny Beauford, who may be the most promising young songwriter in the region.”

– Pete Freedman, DALLAS OBSERVER

Going from Blues to Folk to Rock and back again, the release contains many strong moments and proves why he has been such a strong part of the Dallas, Texas music scene for years.” (On A Pig Eating Past Love)


“Wrapped within layers of intriguing melody and lyrical storytelling, you have little choice but to follow Beauford as he walks you through the song.” (On “A Pig Eating Past Love“)

-Kaitlyn Crocker, EVOLVE NASHVILLE 

Johnny Beauford (born November 24, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter, bassist, guitarist, and front man of Americana project Jack Kerowax and long-time Dallas rock band Bravo Max. Beauford currently lives in Dallas, TX where he writes and records with Jack Kerowax, Bravo Max, Deadmoon Choir, and as a solo performer. He is known for his distinctive Americana style, soaring vocals, and narrative lyrics.


A Pig Eating Past Love

The sophomore release by Johnny Beauford A Pig Eating Past Love was well received upon its release in January of 2014. Landing positive reviews by a number of critics both locally and internationally. It later landed a spot on a Top 10 Local Albums of 2014 list by Preston Jones of DFW.COM.

“His dexterity with language is matched only by his facility for fresh melodies that nevertheless feel familiar”

Read the full article here: Preston Jones: Top Local Albums of 2014 

Album credits:
Mixed by: Johnny Beauford. Mastered by: Nomad Studios, Dallas, TX & Headroom Studios, New York, NY. Produced by: Johnny Beauford. All songs written and performed by Johnny Beauford.
 Additional performances by:
Aaron Kenneth – Backing vocals on “Little Dance”.
Jonathan Jackson – Percussion on “Little Dance” & “S Is For Schizophrenia”.
Kelli Golden – Backing vocals on “Fire Fly”.


Video for “A Pig Eating Past Love” by Stuart Howe: http://www.stuarthowe.co.uk/, The Boy: Youngsoo Lee, Mannequin Girl: Chen Qiong, New Girl: June Liu, All scenes for “A Pig Eating Past Love” shot in South Korea.

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Beauford released his solo debut Lo-Fi on March 3rd, 2013. The 7 track EP is self-produced and features performances by Beauford on all guitars, as well as mandolin, harmonica, toy piano, organ, upright piano, and accordion.

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Lo-Fi finds Beauford trafficking in the kind of earnest Americana that dares you to turn away.”

-Preston Jones, DFW.COM


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