“These tunes smile in the face of sadness.”


-Preston Jones, DFW.COM


Deadmoon Choir’s self-titled debut is simultaneously barbaric and beautifully constructed. The albums (6) songs explore themes of lost love, whiskey-soaked heartache, and reflection on life’s dark man-made realities.



Thematically, Deadmoon Choir could easily be paired with classic country songs of old, and yet, the raw aggression communicated through Martinez’s, Padgett’s, and Nunez’s vocals gives their story songs a decisively punk rock strength. This rebellious strength, layered over lyrics laced with tragedy, pushes Deadmoon Choir in a direction with far more liberation than despair. The aggressive tone set by the band’s vocals is then reinforced with a heavily produced 1970’s rock opera vibe that stitches each of the six tracks together. With layered electric guitars, organ, piano, vocal harmonies and raucous percussion, songs like “Nights Underground” end up sounding more like classic rock than contemporary alt-country. The end result of this surprisingly mature debut album could be described as a simultaneous acceptance of the pain we barbarians cause ourselves, and a rebellious refusal to take any new direction without a fight.

The album Deadmoon Choir was released digitally on April 2nd, 2013. The album is now available on CD, Digital, and LP format. The 6 tracks were mixed by long time Dallas-Austin based producer Jonathan Jackson. The album was co-produced by Jonathan Jackson and Garrett Padgett. It was co-mastered by Lee May and Jonathan Jackson. It was recorded from April-August, 2012 at Crestwick Studios and  Studio Haus both in Dallas, Tx, with the exception of “Whoa! I Say!”, which was recorded at Deadmoon Studios also in Dallas, Tx.

Deadmoon Choir is:

Vinny Martinez (vocals, rhythm guitar)

Garrett Padgett (vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, keys)

Johnny Beauford (bass) 

Pat Staton (drums).



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