The mission of St. Cait is to develop and grow artists by giving them the tools, education and support needed to create a career recording and performing the music they love.

It is our belief that the music business we involve ourselves in should be defined, well-oiled, and structured as much as it is shared as a responsibility. A labor of love could be the only way to accurately describe most any art at its onset, and that is the bloodstream we are tapping into directly. St. Cait uses locally and regionally based, artists, vendors, and businesses in order to further the careers of our roster as well as to advocate for and promote our own music scene through cooperation and stewardship.

We are a modernized take on a record label, and are embracing our reality for what it is today: a partnership between artists, the industry they work their way through, and the fans that support it all. St. Cait is dedicated to building and investing in a music farm where homegrown talent can both grow and flourish, while the artists themselves learn the tools it takes to sustain life long recording and performance careers.