Water Liars (S/T) LP Review


The Water Liars’ self-titled third LP debuted on February 4th on Fat Possum Records, and it may be better than their stellar 2013 album Wyoming.

The duo from Water Valley, MS consists of drummer Andrew Bryant and guitarist/lead singer Justin Kinkel-Schuster, and they’ve released their first 3 records in just 3 years.  On this new album, their style remains pleasantly diverse from song to song with a good mixture of tracks from quiet acoustic heart-breakers to some crunchy heavier wailers.  The production is nice and minimal, allowing the duo and bass player GR Robinson plenty of room to swing from toe-tapping uptempo numbers to slow ballads without taking the focus off of Kinkel-Schuster’s unique aching vocals and the poignant lyrics he’s singing.  “Sometimes I can’t get enough/Sometimes feel so full I’ll bust, So cut it hard and cut it right/Cut it like we’ll die tonight,” Kinkel-Schuster and Bryant harmonize on Tolling Bells.  It’s that sense of quiet but steady urgency that drives the entire album and keeps listeners engaged and interested throughout.  It’s tough to find a genre that defines this band (and this album in particular), but I find that joyfully refreshing in today’s musical landscape.  They’re able to successfully blend different styles while creating a cohesive sound, and I personally cannot wait to see what this band sounds like in a live setting.

Although there are only a few East coast tour dates currently posted on the band’s website, we have a feeling and a hope that they’ll be heading through a town near us soon. To read more about Water Liars you can check out their official site: http://www.waterliarsmusic.com/

To preview or purchase their latest album you can do so on iTunes:


Album review by Tommy Beauford.