New Music Video by Rafael Harris of Jump/Cut Studios

For the opening line of the album Dog’s Light, Beauford sings, “Put a record on, put the needle down, dance with the fear, around and around.” In other words, “Stop contemplating trouble and stop worrying about things- simply let yourself fall into the music or whatever it is for you that is freedom and exhilaration, and enjoy it thoroughly.” (This is not entirely an interpretation from anyone in the band, by the way. But what is art, if not open to interpretation?) In any case, bravo, max! is finally heeding its own counsel and has become laser focused on their craft. A much-awaited music video is in the works for an updated version of their debut stand out track, “Hotel Denalian”.

Dallas film-maker Rafael Harris (of Jump/Cut Studios) is working with bravo, max! to put together a music video that will incorporate live footage of a June 16th performance on the breathtaking outdoor stage at The Foundry in Oak Cliff, TX. The band is incredibly excited to be working with Harris, whose short film, Secondhand Rose, recently debuted at the Oak Cliff Film Festival. A second collaboration between Harris and bravo, max! on a video for their upcoming single release, Pills, is also in the works.

The “Hotel D” music video is due to be released in August and, as any long-anticipated music video should be, will be welcomed into the world with a release party of epic proportions. The video will be screened live on the final stop of bravo’s summer tour. In a joint release, Dallas-based brother band, Goodnight Ned is set to unveil their debut album, Smoke From The Sails (produced by bravo, max! drummer and Dallas based producer Jonathan Jackson.)

Hotel “D”, Dallas screening set for Saturday, AUGUST 11th @ La Grange, 2704 ELM ST.

Pre-sale tickets here: bravo, max! (Video screening) / Goodnigt Ned (Album release) / The Roomsounds (support) / Oddlot (support)

For now, check out these Hotel “D” sneak peak screen shots: